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Many of us live far below the abundance that Jesus came to bring us – this includes our children. A lot of times our kids experience emotional trauma, abuse or abandonment that takes control of their lives and keeps them bound. We try to help them cope with the pain in their lives through various activities and strategies only to find them as well as the family in deeper despair. We wonder, “Are things ever going to get better?” A lot of times there is no one that we can really talk to – we just find ourselves more and more secluded, lonely, confused and desperate for help. You think, “We’re a Christian family, this shouldn’t be happening, or “I shouldn’t be feeling this way, etc, etc.” All sorts of emotions that are debilitating can grip us at this point. There is help.

Although Christ took the stripes so that we might be healed, miraculous instant healings are not often the norm. Most people have to walk out their healing. Physical wounds heal much quicker than the woundings of the heart & soul. These wounds appear to be hidden but surface in the form of negative behavior patterns. For teens and their parents this can be crippling for life. 

There is hope.      Eagles’ Wings Prayer Counseling Ministry 

Through teaching and prayer your teen can be whole and live the abundant life that is referred to in John 10:10 “Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly”


What is Prayer Ministry?
Prayer ministry is inner healing based on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, prayer and the application of Biblical principles and truths. All sessions help build trust and relationships through many Christ-centered disciplines. Woundings and/or trauma manifest themselves in the form of depression, compulsive behaviors, anger and addictions as well as relational difficulties. There is healing for all of these in the presence of Jesus Christ.
Our purpose is to help your teen appropriate the power of the cross of Christ and to begin to live a new life in the freedom purchased by His blood. With an open heart, time and discipline your teen can work through issues that have hindered them and know the healing power of Jesus for a lifetime.

 How Does It Work?

A prayer minister facilitates the ministry session and asks questions to help your teen recognize destructive behaviors and thought patterns and the roots that cause them. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the application of biblical principles, Jesus is asked to bring truth to replace the lies that your teen has come to believe. Healing then begins to take place.
All staff counselors are trained lay people from various backgrounds who have been trained through the Elijah House School for prayer counseling ministry, Healing the Wounded Heart prayer counseling ministry along with other Biblically based ministries. 
We offer prayer counseling for:
Fears & Phobias
Anger & Rage
Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse
and much more
We offer prayer counseling to:
Teen girls ages 13 -19
Teenage boys ages 13 - 19
Some adult openings available
All sessions by appointment only
Some evening appointments available
(All are welcome regardless of race, faith or background)
What will it cost?
We are a nonprofit ministry, serving the four state area, especially the Eastern Panhandle of WV. We do not charge a fee for our services; however, we do recommend that each client contribute what they can to help defray costs. A suggested donation of $35 per session is recommended.

*Staff members are not licensed, degreed counselors, nor do they diagnose conditions, prescribe medicines or administer therapy.


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